Home & Garden Equipment Rentals

Are you looking to harvest meat but don't have the processing equipment? Or just need a wood chipper one time? With every customer in mind we did not forget about the homesteader. Here at Blu Mountain we have a wide selection of home and garden equipment available for rent. See our selection below.


Don't have what your looking for? Contact one of our team members at 204-384-7594 We may be able to get it. 


Garden Tiller

Small garden tiller great for tiling between rows or retiling. Rent this tiler for ONLY $29.99/day or same rate for a weekend.


Edge Trimmer

Edge trimmer with 2 attachments, one for trimming and one for bush trimming. Rent it for ONLY $19.99/day or same rate for a weekend.


Moving Dolly

Moving dolly. Rent it for ONLY $4.99/day. Ask about weekend rentals.

Not all of our items are on our site yet. We also rent out meat grinders, Cast iron pots (mia grupen), chicken pluckers, and more. Give us a call today at 204-384-7594 to see if we have what you need.